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In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


A blank page is no empty space. It is brimming with potential… It is a masterpiece in waiting — yours.


Your Organized Chaos

43 Craft Room Organization Ideas to Inspire You. A neutral room full of empty shelves might appeal to some individuals. For us crafters, however, it serves as a blank canvas waiting to be filled with color, texture, and fun.

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Staying Inspired

How Do You Find Inspiration for Crafting? Colors, textures, lights, and sounds flood our world on a daily basis. If you’re in the creative zone, you’re never more than one dappling leaf or shimmering puddle away from your next bright idea.

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We asked, you answered

How do you stay motivated with your craft?

When I am experiencing a lack of inspiration I turn to my Instagram friends. Their beautiful posts and YouTube videos ALWAYS bring back my desire to create!


I read craft magazines or clean up my stash. I always discover things I’ve forgotten, papers I didn’t use, stamps still wrapped, (old papers with nostalgic pictures or material from old techniques like sand or punches)… And I’m off again! 


I keep a jar with little slips of paper that read “red/ pencil/chalk/lace/2/air/night” and the like. Pull out one or two and start off! Some favorite projects that came out of this particular technique? Too many to count! Journals, art pages, cards, and even 3D projects! 


We recently asked our crafty Instagram community: “How do you find inspiration for crafting?” The above are some of the most helpful answers. We’ve put together a few more handy ideas that can help you get back in the zone. Read on for seven ways to hop aboard the expressway to inspiration!

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